Ways To Make Money With Writing

Writing is a good occupation for anyone wanting to have a stable income, in most situations. Writers usually have jobs on the side too to be more stable than they currently are. But if you enjoy writing, there are a lot of types of occupations for you to choose from. Whether you want loose or tight schedules, consistent or less consistent pay to depend on your living state, all the writing occupations that are available have any preference that you would want. Here are some of them to give you a clearer picture of what you can do as a writer:

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is probably one of the best jobs a writer can do. This is because freelance writers, like any other freelancer, has more freedom when it comes to scheduling their work. Of course, they would still have deadlines according to each client they take it but overall, your working hours is up to you and you can work from the comfort of your own home. This is very beneficial since we are all currently living in a pandemic as of 2021. We get to reduce outbreaks and protect ourselves as we make money. The usual pay for a freelance writer per month could get up to three to four thousand dollars, depending on your experience and skills too. If you’re confident in your writing skills and do not prefer a fixed or repetitive schedule, then freelance writing is the best choice for you.

Content Writing

Content writers do as the label suggests. They come up with creative content depending on what company they work for. Usually, blog companies or companies that want more creative and unique content would hire content writers. You could be a content writer with a degree in creative writing, linguistics or anything similar. The pay for anyone who works as a content writer could go from two to three thousand dollars. But remember, content writers have tight schedules most of the time and constantly have to come up with fresh ideas. Thus, if you’re the type of person with a lot of ideas flowing out of you as well as work well under a time crunch, this would be a suitable job for you.


As the name implies, screenwriters usually write content for what’s meant to be on-screen. For instance, scripts, dialogues, news prompters and anything similar. You’d love working as a screenwriter if you enjoy writing script-like content. If your writing can be considered not awkward and has a natural flow, try applying as a screenwriter. You could get hired by TV broadcasting stations or any film producers to help out with scriptwriting. Screenwriters can even apply to be scriptwriters for a theatre play. Note that scripts for a stageplay are very different from scripts for TV shows. They are much more detailed along with stage directions as well so if you’re into that style of writing, go ahead and apply to be a screenwriter!


Similar to freelance writers, authors have a very loose schedule. If you choose to be an author, your pay would not really be consistent. It depends on the stories you publish and the revenue you get from your stories. That’s why a lot of people who are authors have side jobs unless their stories are big hits that pay off for everything. To cut costs and make publishing easier, you could even publish online. It makes it easier for people to access as well as makes it easier for you to promote your work. Plus, you would not have to spend your money on publishing or printing costs since you’ll be publishing them online. Thus, being an author gives more freedom but you’d have to be more responsible with your schedule if you want to make good money fast. 


A journalist is someone who makes news reports. Articles in the newspaper or on online news websites are all written by journalists. Being a journalist can be really fun but it can be very hectic too. It’s fun because you get to go to press conferences and stay up-to-date with the current news. But because you have to stay updated with the current news, it can be a little hectic since you have to keep up with a lot of issues. There is always a lot of news in a day and to be a good journalist, you would have to be very quick to be the first one to report it. This is because it’s most probable that the first article published about the issue will be the most read. Along with that, you also have to convey the news properly so that it’s respectful in any situation and it’s easily understandable by readers. Nowadays, there are a lot of daily news websites and this way, we reduce the production of paper for newspapers and the news reaches the public faster. 


If you like correcting mistakes or reviewing grammar and other details of written works, an editor is the best job you could go for. An editor reviews written works before getting them published or posted in any form. You could check the piece for plagiarism, grammar errors, spelling errors, paraphrase and check other errors as well as make sure it is suitable to be accessed by the public. Your job would be making sure that the written works are flawless before being released. This is why a lot of companies, especially newsletter companies, hire multiple editors so that any written works are flawless.

Social Media Manager

Yes, a writer can even be a social media manager. How you may ask? By coming up with creative content to be posted as well as the captions to go with those posts. Newsletter companies or even marketing companies look for social media managers. It’d be beneficial too if you have a lot of knowledge of social media statistics.

Thus, here are only a few of the occupations you can take up as a writer. If you love writing, these jobs can help guide you to find out what part or style of writing you enjoy doing the most.