Ways To Become Recognized As An Author

A lot of people have chosen to become writers as of lately. It’s a simple job and it pays pretty well, right? Well, not really. Being a writer is not an easy task. Unless people have found out about you beforehand or your story is really interesting, it would take quite a long time to build an audience and have regular readers. 

Being a writer myself, I can safely say that writing is not as simple as it seems. You need a lot of focus and time on your hands. Plus, if you’re not doing it for yourself, it’s rarely worth it. Writing is best when you are writing about what you like and what brings joy to you. Some people enjoy writing informative pieces and some prefer a more personal or fictional voice. But nonetheless, it isn’t simple, especially if you’re planning to make it your main source of income.

Let me tell you a bit about the downsides of being a writer that not many people talk about. First things first, it will get boring sooner or later. No matter how much you claim you love writing, it will get boring. Especially when you have an audience to please. Most would tend to follow what the audience wants or what they’re asking for instead of what you intended to write. Thus, it gets dull for you. Secondly, when your job is to write content for your company, it will most probably feel very repetitive. Unless you’re okay with repetitiveness, I’d suggest you write independently instead of for a company. 

One of the hardest challenges to face when you’re a writer is when you run out of ideas. Especially when you’re trying to publish a piece online. Nowadays, every creative story you can think of has probably been published already in one form or another. The point is, it’s hard to keep on publishing stories that are unique or interesting anymore. You can even see that on TV nowadays. Every romance movie or TV show is the same plot with a different execution. That’s it. People call it a cliché. When you write something in a somewhat same storyline and plot but it’s just a different execution or different characters and character traits. Some people love clichés until this day but a lot of people have gotten tired of them.

But if you still want to be an author or a writer of any kind, don’t let this discourage you. There are ways to become recognized by an audience easily, here are a few tips:

Decide On A Demographic

Each demography in our society has different tastes. Although, people in the same demographic tend to have similar tastes. Thus, choose whether you are targeting a younger audience or adults. Of course, depending on what you chose, your writing would have to cater to that specific demographic. It’s much easier than writing something that will be suitable for all age groups. It’s going to be like skincare that is “suitable for all skin types” or clothes that say “one size fits all” yet have a flaw. Nothing can be suitable for everyone and the same goes for writing. Younger audiences might enjoy more modern romance or teen coming-of-age stories. A more adult audience would love more traditional romance stories or something more complex, maybe. Hence, always have your targeted audience in mind when writing.

Try To Think Of A Fresh Story

As mentioned earlier, it’s going to be hard to think of anything unique. Well, when it comes to the general plot of your stories, it’d be hard to think of any never-before-written ones but it does not have to be something entirely different. For instance, if you were inspired by a certain plot, you could use that same plot but modify it and make it yours. Maybe pull a plot twist so people would not expect the climax or the ending. And remember to always have a good and satisfying ending unless you are planning to publish multiple stories. Almost every crazy or creative story you can think of is probably already published somewhere in the world but hey, do not let that stop you from what you want to write. But when you’re writing from similar plots, make sure you wouldn’t be plagiarizing anything because that will definitely tarnish your reputation as a writer.

Choose A Genre That Suits You Best

Once you’ve decided on a target audience and basic plot, you can then decide what genre you should write. Most authors have a signature genre that they prefer writing or a specific genre that their audience enjoys. You have to find that for yourself first. That’s why it is good to be experimentative with what you publish so you know what people like. Maybe you could write a great horror story, love story or even science-fiction stories. Either way, you have to be comfortable with the writing style you choose so that your readers will feel the sincerity and enjoy reading your stories more. 

Describe Characters The Best You Can

One thing that some authors fail to do is describe their characters well. Unless you’re making a book filled with pictures, it’s up to the reader’s imagination to see how your character brings develops in the story. It does not have to be a full-on biography telling your readers the characters’ height and whatnot. You simply have to be very descriptive with their personalities or how they do certain things so that you allow your readers to personally connect with your character. This will pull in the reader to continue reading and find out more about your character. Don’t forget to include character development because every great story has satisfying character development. 

In a nutshell, writing is not that simple but it isn’t that hard as well. What has been shared in this piece is simply what a majority of people may go through but it might not happen to you. So, do not let anything people say discourage you from publishing your work.