Why You Should Switch From Physical Books To E-Books

There are a lot of people who enjoy reading. However, there are thousands of books that were never read trashed in vain. That is extremely harmful to our environment. Thousands of trees cut down to be made into paper for books but wasted just like that. We are already dying in masses due to the pandemic, let’s not add the dread of our Earth coming to an end. Even though some people argue that e-books emit radiation or whatnot, it does not hold the candle to what physical books have caused throughout the years. Physical books do more damage and it has been around way longer so the damage is quite severe.

We live in the 21st century now. A majority of this generation lives on the internet anyway so it is simply much easier to be publishing e-books instead of physical books. People are already on their phones, and payment can be made online too through online banking. Plus, there are a lot of e-book platforms nowadays like Amazon or Wattpad and there are even platforms that offer audiobooks like Audible. Furthermore, since we are living in a pandemic, it’s risky to go out just to buy books. So, why go out when everything is accessible through your phone or tablet. 

Moreover, traditional books are just quite inconvenient in a lot of ways. For instance, if you’re a reader, carrying a book with you everywhere can be such a hassle and you stand a chance at losing it somewhere too. Other than that, it’s hard for people to read in the dark. Thus, all the more reason for you to switch to reading e-books. Here are a few more reasons with a further explanation to encourage you: 

Environmentally Friendly 

As mentioned before, physical books have been around for ages and they have done a lot of damage to our environment. Millions, maybe billions, of trees cut down and shredded to make the paper we use today. Be it for books, notepads or even the A4 paper every office uses. Speaking of offices, imagine how many offices there are in this world and how many of them are still relying on paper instead of going digital. That gives a major carbon footprint on our environment. A lot of forests have been cut down as well which resulted in fewer homes for animals that lived there in the first place. This has also resulted in the imbalance of our ecosystem. Moreover, this also contributes to our global warming issue. So, keeping our forests safe will not only benefit the animals that love but as well as benefit us who live on Earth. Switching to E-books will help decrease deforestation by a significant amount. We wouldn’t need paper, there would be no clutter in your space and you could keep track of your notes or files better when you go digital. The same applies to e-books, it wouldn’t be something that you just read once and store on your shelf to decay away. 

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Costs Less

Because we do not need to mass-print anything or waste ink and paper, everything will cost less. For instance, if you’re an author trying to get recognized, it is better to publish your book online as an e-book so that it will be easily accessible to readers and they would not have to pay as much as they do for a physical book. You could simply set a price based on the effort you put into the content and not on the printing charges. Basically, you’d be charging for your work instead of other services. You’d also be spending less on production costs. Thus, it benefits you as an author as well as your readers. Especially if you’re publishing a series of books. It’d be much easier and faster to publish them one by one as e-books rather than printing hundreds or thousands of copies. 

More Efficient In A Lot Of Ways

As mentioned earlier, e-books are just more convenient than physical books. Especially for college students or students in general. Since I was once a student, I know how many textbooks we had to carry around. Especially in preschool and high school. The textbooks weighed almost a ton, I think. But imagine if everything was digitalized and we had e-books as textbooks instead of thick and heavy physical books. We wouldn’t have back problems by carrying heavy backpacks and we wouldn’t need to remember what book to bring since everything is on one device. As for book lovers, you could have your very own library on your device. No matter how many e-books you want to collect, you could collect them all on your phone and constant have them at your fingertip instead of having to carry around books you want to read and risk losing them somewhere. 

Lasts Longer

Physical books are made from paper, right? It is a known fact that paper decays and sooner or later become dust anyway. You won’t be dealing with that if you have e-books, though. E-books stay with you for as long as you don’t delete them. They won’t fade or turn into dust. Moreover, since all your books would be on your device, you wouldn’t have to face the risk of it being damaged by water or sunlight. Yes, physical books are that sensitive! Inconsistent temperature or exposure to too much sun can damage books and rid their value. When a book loses its value and becomes damaged, it even becomes harder to read since the words will fade. Thus, with e-books, you can enjoy your books for as long as you’re alive, with no water, temperature or sunlight damage. Your books would not even be worn out.

Physical books are just very inconvenient for the era we live in now. With technology growing, we can certainly create devices that are more suitable to store e-books and make them more accessible to everyone instead of cutting down trees and wasting paper.